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"I was in hospital after my waters broke and later the next day the midwives wouldn't believe I was in labour as I was so calm. I was 9.5cm by the time they took me seriously and moved me from the public ward (!) to the delivery room. I honestly believe that hypnobirthing helped me to stay calm during what was a difficult experience and I thought lots about your BRAIN acronym and particularly the "instinct" part. It made me realise that I knew my body better than anyone else, and I'm not sure I would have believed that without hearing you say it. 


Once we moved to the delivery room it was absolutely incredible. I don't think you can quite appreciate how amazing it is to give birth to a human being until you are so lucky to have done so. After a long journey I feel incredibly privileged to be a mother. Just wow!


We thought the course was fantastic. You are very knowledgeable and we were both impressed that you spoke so well about pregnancy and birth as a wider subject. It made us think a lot about what we wanted for our birth and encouraged us to have a positive attitude towards birth and a calm approach to pregnancy and beyond. I would certainly recommend hypnobirthing and you to my friends in the future. You had an engaging and calm nature about you and I loved the setup."


"My husband and I attended Nicky's classes and found them to be great preparation for our birthing experience. We are certainly not the "hippy-dippy" type but we did want to try to make our birthing experience a positive one. Nicky speaks from her own experiences and is clearly passionate about trying to help others have the best birthing experience for them. The course is very informative, not just about Hypnobirthing but about the birthing experience in general and Nicky provides some great materials to allow you to develop your skills once you've completed the course.

One of the best things about the way Nicky runs the classes is that the birthing partner (in our case, my husband) gets really involved and it gave my husband the confidence to be an amazing birth partner on the day.

For us, Hypnobirthing classes were not about achieving the perfect natural birth but about trying to make it the best experience in whatever circumstances we ended up facing.  We feel that taking these classes played a huge part in ensuring we had a positive and calm mindset throughout our entire birthing experience and allowed us to feel empowered to make the decisions that were right for us on the day. We would highly recommend these classes for any prospective new parents!"


"This is our first baby and as we’ve travelled on the pregnancy journey we've been astonished by how much fear exists around birth... Nicky and her course was a wonderful way to dispel some of those myths. With a practical, no nonsense way she offered up a positive version of birth and demystified the experience, showing us how breathing techniques would help let go of the fear and tension. Both my partner and I came away feeling we actually now had some tools to help and amazingly were rather looking forward to the experience! Would highly recommend it to everyone."


"I had immense fear about labor and birth in general, and long before I got pregnant I was determined I would go for epidural 100% if I were to ever give birth. Hypnobirthing completely changed my mindset about labor and birth, and I ended up having a very positive birth experience, all natural waterbirth. I truly believe in the power of hypnobirthing and my husband also found the knowledge he gained in the course extremely helpful. Thank you so much Nicky!"


"I couldn’t recommend Nicky’s course highly enough - I truly believe that the various techniques and visualisations we learnt contributed to me having the positive birth experience I was hoping for. Nicky’s reassuring, non judgemental and practical approach also won over my initially skeptical husband who found the course very informative and useful as well. I would recommend this course to all parents to be, even if they are not first time parents."


"Nicky is personable, communicative and gave us so much information and reassurance before the birth of our first baby. I would recommend her to any parent-to-be (whether or not it is a first time child) - doing the course was completely invaluable and gave us the extra support and knowledge we needed for a healthy and happy birth. Thank you again - 5 stars all round."