Guest Blog: Katy Colins

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

I'm a little bit excited to be dusting off the blog and throwing myself back into a mixture of guest blogs, book reviews and general pregnancy and parenting related chit chat!

To kick it off I've got the lovely Katy Colins, author and blogger, chatting about her two very different but equally empowering births. I have had the pleasure on going on holiday with Katy and her gorgeous family, not once, but twice! (Neither times were planned and we in fact met on holiday at the brilliant Woolley Grange only to bump into each other six months later at Villa Pia in Italy!) After hearing from Katy how hypnobirthing helped in her two births I knew I wanted her to share her stories with you on my blog.

So Katy, over to you...

Hi, I'm Katy, I'm 34 years old, mother to Auben who is 10 months and Everleigh who is 2.5 years old. I'm the author of the Lonely Heart's Travel Club series of novels and How To Say Goodbye.

How did you discover hypnobirthing?

When I was pregnant with Everleigh I was like a sponge wanting to soak up ALL the information on birth and my choices. The more I read the more I felt like a home birth was the best fit for us. Hynpobirthing came hand in hand with this decision as it made perfect sense to me!

Did you have any preconceptions before you learnt about it?

I previously thought it was only hippy mothers who used hypnobirthing as it sounds a little woo woo! I quickly realised that we need to break these stereotypes as it is available to everyone and is such a valuable asset to every pregnant woman.

How did hypnobirthing help your birth?

With my first, Everleigh, it was a text-book home birth. She was born in a birthing pool in the dining room that was decorated with affirmations, fairy lights and candles. We were drinking fizz and eating toast on the sofa forty minutes later.

With my son, Auben, I was planning another home birth but I developed gestational diabetes late on in the pregnancy so (after a lot of discussions) I agreed to be induced at 41 weeks. As disappointing as this was I decided I needed to lean even more heavily on the techniques from hypobirthing. I had to make this labour as positive as possible despite the less than ideal circumstances.

I was prepared to be in hospital for the long haul as I was told that inductions could take a while. However, Auben was born extremely quickly in the cubicle on the induction ward. There was no time to move me to the labour ward, for gas and air, or even to call my husband who had been sent home because of visiting hours so he missed it! I was listening to my playlist, had dim lights on and was repeating the affirmations as I breathed my baby out. Because of the speed of Auben’s arrival I went into shock and lost a lot of blood but I felt elated at what I had achieved rather than scared.

Two very different labours but I have positive memories of them both, thanks to hypnobirthing.

What would you say to people considering hypnobirthing?

You won’t regret it. Once you learn the science behind it and start to challenge the notions of ‘traditional’ labours that we see in films and on TV, then you will realise just what a magical tool hypobirthing is. You can genuinely enjoy giving birth using the skills that hypnobirthing gives you.

What is your favourite positive affirmation?

Breathe in calm, breathe out tension.

What is your number one song choice for your labour playlist?

I did a lot of pregnancy yoga so my labour playlist included a lot of relaxing Indian music. I also had a playlist on my phone called Oxytocin which included songs we had at our wedding and others that remind me of happy times.

What are your maternity bag top three essential items?

Noise-cancelling wireless headphones

Soft eyemask

Room spray - I loved the Mio Yoga Space Spray

Anything else you'd like to add?

Hypnobirthing gave me the confidence to ‘own’ both of my labours and to question what alternatives there are. It is too easy to just accept what we are told without really looking at the choices we have. A positive pregnancy, labour and post-natal care is so important in setting you up on the path of motherhood.

You can find out more about my books and my story by following me on @notwedordead or searching for Katy Colins on Amazon.

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