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Updated: Dec 14, 2019

It’s hard to ignore the rise of the letterbox gift and subscription services that have taken over in recent years. A concept that may have started with a simple organic veg box has expanded to encompass anything you can think of all packaged to neatly fit through your letterbox. I recently trialled the new Pasta Evangelist. They post fresh handmade pasta and sauce through your letterbox. For someone that eats as much pasta as me, I thought this was ruddy genius, but anyway, I digress. Aside from the convenience factor, you can’t ignore the feeling of indulgence created by a box of treats landing on your doormat. Who doesn’t love receiving a package in the post knowing it contains some wonderful yet unknown goodies?

There are some brilliant small businesses out there making incredibly thoughtful and nurturing packages for mamas-to-be and new mamas. Here is a pick of a few of my faves (friends, family, feel free to take notes…)

The Mother Box

The brainchild of wonderful Brighton based midwife Alexis and doula Beccy (who also gives the most magical pregnancy massage I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing), the Mother Box is an incredibly thoughtful and nurturing selection of packages for women throughout pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period. Every item has been thoroughly researched and hand selected with their professional knowledge and practical experience to ensure the recipient feels held, supported and nurtured by their contents. The Pregnancy and Birth Box would be a real treat (there is also a cheaper letterbox version available) – suitable for those over 12 weeks into their pregnancy, it contains a treasure trove of goodies that these two wonderful women have curated but the thing I love the most about all their boxes are the booklets they include which they have written and come jam packed with real insight and tips from women who are passionate and knowledgeable about birth and supporting women. Oh and the lavender oil is out of this world good.

HYP candle gift box

These gift boxes focus solely on candles. Created by Hypnobirthing mum and teacher Becks, after searching high and low when pregnant for products that were completely natural and safe for use during pregnancy, with the intention of creating a fragrance for use when practising Hypnobirthing relaxation and during labour. The resulting Calm candle is their signature fragrance, and is a relaxing blend of lavender, mandarin and frankincense. And I can attest to the fact that it burns for HOURS. The HYP gift box contains one of each of their four full-sized candles, Calm, Energise, Restore and Breathe, tailored to help alleviate some of the most common feelings and symptoms experienced through pregnancy. I would bloody love this gift box!

MamaME box

These boxes work on a monthly subscription basis with a view to giving mamas a little ME time. You can buy one off boxes or subscribe for 3, 6, 12 months (the longer the subscription the cheaper the box). Every month the box includes five gorgeous, fun, practical treats to add a bit of luxury to your life, and where possible the goodies are made by fellow mamas or small businesses. Due to their success they’re having a revamp until 1 August when the boxes will be back on sale and you can get an exclusive 10% off on any one box or subscription until 31/12/17 using the discount code METIME.

Baby Box by Eve @ Mothercare

A new and unique collaboration between Mothercare and sleep brand Eve, they have created a baby box featuring essentials and goodies new parents will need for their newborn including baby wipes, muslins, crib sheets, sleepsuits and blankets amongst other things.

Taking their inspiration from the Scandinavian tradition of gifting new parents a cardboard box for their baby to sleep in, there are two unisex bright designs by iconic designer Clifford Richards, Flora or Fauna. In addition, the box comes with an Eve crib mattress specially created to be safe and cosy for a newborn to sleep in. I had the pleasure of having a sneak peek at these last month and can vouch for what a fab gift they’d make – although spendy, they’d be a great baby shower gift from a number of friends who could add a few personal gifts to the box. Once the baby’s grown out of the box it’d make a fab toy box or memory box for years to come.

Well that’s my current top pick of gift boxes out there – if you want my address, just give me shout ;)

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