Guest Blog: Willa & Bobbin

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Today's guest blog is from the wonderful and creative Amy, behind Willa and Bobbin.

She makes the most stunning children's soft furnishings and mobiles all in gorgeous liberty prints. I urge you to check out her bird mobiles and not try not to fall in love!

So Amy, over to you...

Hello I’m Amy! Firstly I’m a mummy to two pickle monsters (the real life Willa 5 and then Alfie aka The Beast - who is 2.5). I’m also the owner and founder of Willa and Bobbin a unique handmade soft furnishing boutique for babies and children: mobiles, wall décor and cushions all using my Liberty print fabric obsession!

How did you discover Hypnobirthing?

My pregnancy yoga teacher mentioned it and my NCT lady had just started to train in Hypnobirthing. Both were so positive about it that it made me want to look into it more.

Did you have any preconceptions before you learnt about it?

Not really as I was rather open minded. My husband on the other hand was very sceptical about it but then he wasn’t actually the one giving birth so really his opinion at the time didn’t worry me!

How did Hypnobirthing help your birth?

YES – both my labours were relatively quick and quite different. Willa's birth was a little stressful as she was back to back and her heart rate kept plummeting as I was rushed in for a Caesarean. Luckily I didn’t need a Caesarean in the end as Willa moved herself and was able to come out as intended! I remember hearing the midwives saying at the time "Wow she’s one of those Hypnobirthing mums!" My consultant after said afterwards I was proof Hypnobirthing works.

Alfie's labour was fast and I managed it with no painkillers, gas or air or even paracetamol. All because of Hynobirthing. It was amazing and I’d do it again!

What would you say to people considering Hypnobirthing?

Do it, do it, do it! We all have an idea how we want our birth plan to go but in reality it doesn’t always go the way we want but using the techniques of Hynobirthing gives you the confidence to believe you can do it and allows you to have the faith that your body and your baby know what to do.

What is your favourite positive affirmation?

During my last trimester mine was "I’m ready to meet you and hold you in my arms now baby". I said this a lot with Alfie and he was 10 days early.

What is your number one song choice for your labour playlist?

I listened to Maggie Howell Labour Hypnobirthing CD enroute to the hospital.

What are your maternity bag top three essential items?

Food for afterwards, lots and lots of food that you can eat with one hand (you will obviously be holding your new baby!)

Huge pants for comfort afterwards.

Arnica tablets and arnica cream.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I was petrified of giving birth. When people asked me "Have you thought about birth?" – I’d end up crying - I simply did not want to do it, even though I was already pregnant. I wanted the stork to delivery my baby or for me to lay an egg and leave it in the airing cupboard for 9 months. Doing Hypnobirthing changed my birthing experiences into something quite magical and has given me faith in my body and my mind. I wish I could still do it as it had a profound effect on my life in such a positive way.

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