Home Sweet Homebirth

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Today I'm honoured to be handing the blog reigns over to one of my oldest and loveliest friends Jenny talking about how Hypnobirthing helped her have the homebirth she wanted. Jenny and I found ourselves pregnant at the same time with our little boys, and it's been so lovely to share our pregnancy and new-mum journeys together. Jen, over to you...

"I came to Hypnobirthing late in pregnancy, following recommendations from three friends. I didn't start our course until I was over 30 weeks pregnant, but found it totally invaluable.

I'd had a difficult route to pregnancy, including surgery, scans, medication and then when finally pregnant been really ill and hospitalised with severe morning sickness. These factors meant I had loads of additional medical appointments during my pregnancy, which made me feel really anxious and uncomfortable about hospital. I didn't want a medicalised birth and wanted to reduce my anxiety in general in order to allow me to focus on a calm delivery.

Hypnobirthing really really helped. It gave my husband and I space and a framework to talk about birth in a positive way, focusing on what we wanted to happen and how we wanted to approach that, rather than always dealing with the hypothetical list of things that could go wrong. It was empowering to be given ideas and suggestions of things to do and try.

As with all things, not all aspects of Hypnobirthing will necessarily be for everyone, but I found the breathing exercises and focusing on the present aspects really helpful during labour. The course also gave me the confidence to act on my wish to have a home birth, as I thought it would give me the best chance to be calm and positive during delivery.

I was very fortunate to have an amazing and supportive home birth team of midwives from my local hospital who recognised that home birth was the right decision for me. I was always prepared that if they felt necessary at any point, I'd go straight to the hospital.

I was one of the lucky ones. I had a really positive birth experience, and I genuinely credit that to Hypnobirthing. At 30 weeks I was highly anxious, booked for a hospital birth that I didn't want and really worried about everything. I did the course and it was transformative. Using the breathing exercises and focusing on affirmative words I had an intervention free home birth, as a first time mum with a big baby (9lbs 9oz).

I am well aware that I could have needed to go to hospital at any point, but feel I would have managed that so much better having started my labour in a calm environment at home and also armed with the confidence and techniques that I'd found through Hypnobirthing.

I would heartily recommend giving Hypnobirthing a go, I genuinely think there is something in it for everyone."

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