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KG Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal programme designed to help you have the best possible birth experience for you – one that is a positive, empowered birth experience wherever you give birth and however your birth unfolds.  
Key to the programme, you’ll learn how to release, anxiety, stress and fear, which creates pain and build confidence and trust in your body’s innate ability to give birth. You’ll be gifted a powerful toolkit of simple but highly effective practices to help create a positive mindset and journey confidently through your labour and birth, including breathing, deep relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis techniques.  By using self-hypnosis techniques you, as the one in control, will be able to put yourself into an altered state of awareness during labour to remain positive, relaxed and calm.

KG Hypnobirthing does not require any particular belief system, or prior experience. The importance of the birth companion's role is acknowledged and they are given an active role to play.
In addition, couples will learn about the many aspects of childbirth so that they understand the physiology of birth and also the medical system in this country. This enables them to make an informed choice, in consultation with the medical team, from the options available to them.

HB can’t promise you the perfect outcome that you may be focusing or hoping for. It's not about aiming for a pain free birth. However, it does empower you to remain calm; relax and accept what your body is doing during labour and 'go with the flow' .  It's this cycle of relaxation and release that enables many Hypnobirthing mums to have a positive birthing experience, often relatively pain free, whatever the circumstances that may unfold. 

Further information about KG Hypnobirthing may be found at www.kghypnobirthing.com

Benefits of KG Hypnobirthing

For Mother

  • Increases the likelihood of experiencing a calm, positive, empowered labour and birth.  Feeling calm and confident during labour helps her body to work as efficiently as possible and promotes the release of endorphins -which is the body’s natural anaesthetic.  This is likely to reduce the need for pain relief and possible escalation in interventions; shorten labour; reduce the risk of perineal tearing or needing an episiotomy.

  • Release fear, anxiety and negative thought about labour and birth that may have an adverse effect on the progress of her labour.

  • Build confidence in herself and her body’s inate ability to give birth naturally

  • Learn the physiological and psychological aspects of birth so she has a better understanding of what is happening; the impact of external factors and be able to make informed decisions should the need arise.

  • Gives her tools to enable her to cope with the unexpected or unwanted

For Father

  • Gives him invaluable practical tools and techniques that he can use to help his partner during pregnancy, labour and birth

  • Makes him feel an integral and very important part of the birthing process which in turn facilitates the bonding process 

  • Allows him to understand the birthing process and what is happening physically to his partner as she births

  • Gives him the knowledge to be able to make informed choices should the need arise.

For Baby

  • Reduces the level of adrenalin hormones from the mother which can affect his level of stress during and after birth -  calm mother = calm baby

  • Babies tend to be born more smoothly, requiring fewer interventions and medication

  • According to feedback given by hypnobirthing mothers to the HypnoBirthing Institute, it appears that hypnobirthed babies tend to be more alert and calm at birth, with high APGAR scores and feed and sleep better than babies who had a medically-assisted birth, where interventions and medication are used.